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Let’s walk you through the process start to finish below. Also be sure to watch a video at the bottom of this page explaining our certified New Jersey oil tank sweep services.

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Here at Qualified Tank Services we offer a tank search guarantee. Basically, how it works is when you call our company for an oil tank sweep, we can give you a quote right over the phone.Typically, we can get a tank search done and put on a schedule within 24 to 48 hours. There are certain circumstances where we can get a tank sweep done the same day, but that’s usually not the case. Try to give us a heads up and schedule between 24 to 48 hours in advance.

We will need access into the house. Our technician will do a visual inspection inside the house. He’s going to be looking for copper lines. He’s going to be looking for trenches in the flooring, any holes in the foundation walls. The visual inspection will only take him about five to ten minutes.

Once he’s done inside, he’ll go outside with a metal detector. He’s going to start by sweeping the exterior of the house. He’ll start close to the house, then work his way out about 25 to 30 feet away from the structure.

He’s going to start near wherever the furnace is in the house. Hypothetically, the furnace is located on the right front side of the house. Most likely the oil tank will be on the other side of the foundation wall and in the front right yard or side right yard since oil has to go from the oil tank to the furnace. So, we have to keep the lines that move the oil from the tank to the furnace to a minimal run. We want to keep those lines as short as possible.

If there’s going to be an oil tank, most likely the oil tank is going to be closest to where the furnace is located. When the technician goes outside with the metal detector, he’s going to actually sweep the outside of the property. He’ll sweep the entire parameter of the house, going out about 25 feet.

If he gets any readings with the metal detector, his next step will be to utilize a hand metal probe. He’ll start by probing the ground in sections around where the metal readings are found.

If he’s getting consistent results where he’s probing down and he goes down two feet, and is hitting a solid structure consistently every two feet, then he’s hitting something that’s similar to a size of an oil tank, . The tanks will typically be anywhere from three to ten feet in length and four feet in diameter. If this is what he’s finding with his metal probe, then it’s on to the next step.

If he’s not getting a consistent reading with the metal probe and doesn’t have any other visual evidence of an underground tank, we can say it’s not an underground tank.

If the structure that we’re getting is a significant size, and we’re probing and getting consistent depths, we would then have to go to the next step. That will be an exploratory dig.

An exploratory dig would be recommended. We would send you a quote from exploratory dig. We then have to call for the underground company, which will mark out the underground utilities, electric, water, and gas in the soil. It takes three business days to get that done.

Once the mark out is complete, our crew comes out with our mini excavator. We dig down in the area of concern, and then we’ll tell you with 100 percent certainty whether or not that’s an oil tank.

We’ll look at metal readings while we’re doing our oil tank sweep, and we’ll look for visual signs of an oil tank. These signs include as copper lines or vent pipe outside by the foundation or any filled pipes around the grass area or the area around the house, . If we don’t see any signs of a tank, we can then write off on the property saying that it’s free and clear of any possible underground oil tanks.

If you find an oil tank in the future, Qualified Tank Services will remove that oil tank and clean up the environmental if needed, at no additional cost. This is the guarantee that we sell.

No other company in the state of New Jersey offers the same guarantee. The cost that we charge for an underground oil tank search is competitive with the industry standard. The price of the actual oil tank sweep will be determined by the size and location of the property.

Once the oil tank sweep is completed, our technician will take payment on site and will email you a report. The report is written up and submitted via email to the client right on-site so it is instantly received. If there is an area of concern and we need to recommend exploratory dig, we can also send the call for the exploratory dig right on site, through your email.

Qualified Tank Services prides itself on speed, efficiency, and customer service. We do whatever we can to speed up the process of getting you quotes, getting the jobs on the schedule fast, performing the jobs quickly when we’re on site, and keeping the cost down. This is what Qualified Tank Services does.

If you’re in the market for oil tank search, definitely use Qualified Tank Services because we are the only outfit in the state of New Jersey that offers oil tanks search guarantee. Don’t let the competition write in their reports that they’re not responsible if you find an oil tank in the future due to certain circumstances. Don’t let them put loopholes in your reports.

Make sure that if somebody’s doing an oil tank search for you, they’re offering the same guarantee we are so they can be competitive with us. We’re basically selling you an insurance plan, stating that if we don’t find the tank, you are protected in the future if one comes up. Also check out our soil remediation NJ services.

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