Let Us Help You With The New Jersey Oil Tank Program

The New Jersey Oil Tank Grant program is currently on hold. That doesn’td mean the program has gone away, or those eligible for the funds shouldn’t submit to the program. According to the State of New Jersey, “New UST (Underground Storage Tank) Fund applications will be date stamped at the time of receipt and held until such time as sufficient funding becomes available. At that time applications will be reviewed and processed based on the order of receipt.

Qualified Tank Services has assisted customers with their application for the NJ Oil Tank Grant Program. For more information on the program, fill out the form and our Oil Tank Replacement advisors will assist you.

NJ Oil Tank Program not the Only Funds Available for Tank Replacement

In addition to the NJ Underground Storage Tank Fund, there are many sources that can provide funding for removal. Qualified Tank Services works directly with our customers, developing a relationship so that we can assist them in securing money for their oil tank removal and New Jersey oil tank sweep funding.

In addition to assisting our customers with applying for New Jersey Oil Tank Grants, we help them work with their insurance company to determine if there is funding available. We also provide a number of low and no interest underground oil storage tank removal loan choices.

What Does Qualified Tank Services Do for You?

Here are some of the services provided to residents of New Jersey by Qualified Tank Services:

Oil Tank Removal

From start to finish we can have it done in less than one day. The process from the time you contact us to finished product usually takes two to three weeks.

Aboveground Oil Tank Installation

We can remove the old oil tank and install a new one, increasing the value of your property in the process.

Soil Testing

We can test the soil around the house you wish to purchase to help you determine whether or not it’s a good investment based on whether we see if the oil tank is leaking.

Site Remediation

If you have a leaking oil tank we can help you come up with a solution to stop the leak and clean up the affected area.

Learn more about our oil tank removal NJ services today!