We specialize in residential oil tank removal and services. We are fully licensed and insured to perform all aspects of oil tank removals and oil tank installations, plus soil and groundwater remediation. We can handle all aspects of leaking oil tanks (oil tank state grants, NJDEP reporting, soil disposal, etc) Please note we do not try to cover other aspects of environmental work, mold, asbestos, etc. We are your Oil Tank Experts!

In addition to years of experience in the oil tank service industry, several QTS staff members hold New Jersey real estate licenses. Our expertise in meshing the needs of buyers and sellers, attorneys and agents smoothes the process of resolving oil tank/property challenges.

The major advantage of QTS over our competitors is how closely we work with clients to help them obtain funding for their oil tank needs. We assist homeowners in determining insurance coverage they may be entitled to, and in applying for oil tank grants from the state of New Jersey. We’re different because we care! If you have any questions, you can contact QTS any time by calling our 24/7 hotline and speak with a Qualified representative on duty. Don’t forget to ask about: Oil tank Removals, new oil tank installations, oil tank grants and possible insurance coverage for your leaking oil tank.



New Jersey Oil Tank Insurance/Grants


One of the best reasons to use Qualified Tank Services for your Underground Oil Tank Removal NJ project is our many financial assistance programs.

We have assisted hundreds of homeowners obtain project financing through their homeowners insurance. Most homeowners don’t realize that they can put an insurance claim in when their Underground Oil Tank is removed and found to be leaking. Once the Oil Tank is removed and the site fails a Soil Inspection, you can file a claim the same day. Depending on how old your policy is, you may or may not have third party liability coverage. Once the claim is put in, your insurance company will most likely send out their environmental consultant to investigate the neighboring property soil and the groundwater in the area where the Leaking Underground Oil Tank or Leaky Above-Ground Oil Tank is located. If the Soil Testing results return showing levels above the Leaking Oil Tank clean-up standards, your insurance company should pay for some if not all the Site Remediation and Site Clean-Up Costs. At this point, Qualified Tank Services will submit an estimate to your insurance company and get paid directly from them so you don’t have any out of pocket expenses for the NJ Oil Tank Removal.

If your home owners insurance doesn’t cover the project, don’t worry. We have several low interest and interest free credit options at our disposal. Some have options like no interest or payments for up to 12 months. Others offer term loans up to 60 months interest free. We can also assist you in applying for various state and federal Oil Tank Removal Grants like the New Jersey Oil Tank Removal Grant. We have helped many clients navigate the complicated application and qualifying procedure for these Underground Oil Tank Removal Grants. Don’t let that Leaking Oil Tank stay in the ground any longer. Contact us today to discuss your insurance and financing options for Underground Tank Removal NJ.

New Jersey Oil Tank Grants



  • We had a tank sweep performed by Justin on December 2.  He was early  for our meeting and very professional.   We had an opportunity to discuss the details of the procedure that he would perform and the guarantee that “Qualified Tank Services” offers.  He was thorough in his examination of the basement and he was…

    Jenny Stanley

  • My wife and I are purchasing a home, and I was advised by the home inspection company to have a reputable oil tank company come and do a sweep of the property to be sure there is no oil tank underground. I called Qualified on a Monday afternoon, and they gave me a Wednesday appointment.…

    Matt Guthlein

  • We highly recommend Qualified Tank Services. We hider the company to conduct an oil tank sweep. Justin walked us through the whole process as he searched the entire premises to ensure no oil tanks were buried somewhere.    The service was prompt and professional. These are definitely the guys to call for all your oil tank…

    Amit Kapoor

  • I would recommend Qualified Tank Services to anyone who is in need of a tank sweep and/or verification that an oil tank doesn’t exist on their property.  My mother passed in October of 2014 and I was tasked with selling the house.  The buyers attorney required a tank sweep, despite the fact that the house…

    Wesley Spear

  • Qualified Tank Services are top notch at what they do. Justin was awesome. He explained his findings thoroughly to us. Qualified also does work for the company i work for; the worlds leading airline. They guarantee their search which says a lot. The prices were also reasonable. The service was prompt and professional. These are…

    Daniel Harper







Removing an oil tank only takes a couple of hours. The whole process from start to finish with acquiring the permits can take two to three weeks. The cost to remove an oil tank depends on many factors (size, location, access, etc.) Qualified Tank Services will handle all the paperwork that needs to be sent to the township and will also assist with the oil tank removal grant application.


Installing a new aboveground oil tank can increase the value of your home. By removing your old underground oil tank and installing a new state of the art aboveground oil tank your house will not only be worth more money, but your house will sell faster and you can save some money on your homeowner’s insurance.


Not sure if you want to purchase a house with an underground oil tank? Try testing the soil so you can tell if the oil tank is leaking oil into the ground. This will help minimize your risk. Soil test results take three business days to get the results.


Is your oil tank leaking? Call Qualified Tank Services so we can go through all the steps of cleaning up an oil tank leak. You might have homeowner’s insurance coverage and if you don’t you can apply for the state grant that is available to help you pay for your oil tank leak.


Are you interested in buying a house in the state of New Jersey? It is highly recommended that you perform an oil tank sweep. QTS can perform an oil tank sweep on the property you are interested in buying giving you a detailed report of what we find. QTS will guarantee are findings giving you peace of mind to move forward with the purchase.


We’re different because we care! If you have any questions, you can contact QTS any time by calling our 24/7 hotlineand speak with a Qualified representative on duty.


Qualified Tank Services specializes in residential Oil Tank Removal NJ projects. We are a fully licensed, insured and bonded Tank Removal NJ contractor. We perform all aspects of Soil Testing, Underground Oil Tank Testing and Site Remediation after every Oil Tank Removal NJ project.

In addition to years of experience in the environmental industry, several Quality Tank Services staff members hold New Jersey real estate licenses. Our expertise in meshing the needs of home buyers, sellers, attorneys and real estate agents makes the process of resolving Leaking Oil Tanks and property transactions easier.

The major advantage of Qualified Tank Services over our competitors is how closely we work with clients to help them obtain funding for their Oil Tank Removal NJ needs. We assist homeowners in determining insurance coverage that they may be entitled to and in applying for grants from the state of New Jersey. We even have several low to no interest Tank Removal NJ financing options available.

Why should you choose us for your Oil Tank Removal NJ needs? It’s because we care about you. We care about your neighbors and we care about the environment. If you have any questions regarding our services then contact Qualified Tank Services any time by calling our 24/7 hotline. For Qualified Tank Services, no Tank Removal NJ job is too small or too big. If it has anything to do with an Oil Tank, make sure you’re Oil Tank Removal NJ Contractor is QUALIFIED!


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